About Me

My name is Bryan Warman and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I work in video production and mainly specialize in graphic design and 3D animation. I actually work for my family owned video production company, Warman Productions. My father started the business quite a few years ago and my sister and I joined when we graduated from Ohio University. For the most part we specialize in corporate videos and do everything from script-writing, shooting, editing and duplication. We’re really an all in one business. What can I say, it pays the bills. As I stated earlier, I specialize in the graphics and design side of our business. I like to consider myself relatively knowledgeable in Photoshop and other graphics programs. I’m pretty much obsessed with knowledge and I’ll learn just about anything that’s thrown my way. Over the years I’ve had to learn a lot about technology and computers. Though it may appear that I’m a “geek”, I assure you it’s just an interest and I usually leave my pocket protector at home. As you can see, learning a lot about computers comes in handy when you want to create your own blog or artwork. It’s just something I enjoy and I’m lucky enough to have a job that I can use it in.

I find it hard to write a page like this because I don’t really consider myself anymore interesting than anyone else. If you write a page about yourself it sort of ends up being somewhat of a resume and I’m not assuming anyone is going to offer me a job based on my blog.

Some of my other interests include, golfing, singing, playing guitar, and most outdoor activities. I love fly-fishing and camping and try to get out as much as possible. Unfortunately that’s a hard thing to do when you have a full time job. I sing and play guitar in my churches contemporary service so that feeds my love of music.

This “About” area is probably gonna be as serious as I get so be sure to peruse the rest of the site and realize that I’m pretty much an all around sarcastic turd. It’s who I am! Now that’ve you’ve wasted about a minute or so of your life reading this, I’m sure you’ll head over to YouTube and check out some monkey’s drinking their pee or some guy with his guitar singing his rendition of “Beat It”.